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seriously? that’s how they end it? that’s a really upsetting conclusion to an episode, and how they left it off in the middle of a conversation, wow. that was powerful.

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April 25th ;_;




Welp looks like its under a rock for awhile.

holy christ people need to stop believing this rumor. nowhere did namco bandai say that it was april 25th for the PC release date. they even straight up denied it on their twitter

(Thank you that helps sorta, still a lack of release date is worse than april 25th.)

yeah, unfortunately we still don’t have anything from namco. but we do know that the director said that the PC version will most likely be weeks, not months after the release of console version. its not great, but its better than april 25th sort of

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The whole beginning part confuses me


Like yeah its the tutorial thing

But then it fast forwards like 1500 years

And he looks exactly the same


yeah it would take a long time to explain, and i mean a really long time. the game’s got this crazy ass back-story that half the players that play the game never figure out. i suggest reading Grimoire Nier if you are really gonna commit to reading into the games story. 

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